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Welcome to Mike Smith's Chicago Art Gallery, 2024.
is an online art gallery, featuring artworks and antiques for sale from the collection of Mike Smith.
Consultation and art collection services are also for hire.

Artworks for sale have been collected by Mike Smith, from Chicago. Mike worked for many art institutions since 1989, and also operated an underground performance space and gallery at his loft in the Chicago West Loop from 1994 to 2006. Mike Smith's collection represents a variety of art from friends, galleries and artists he has worked for, as well as works he has purchased.

Mike Smith is an artist and performer/director in the group, Environmental Encroachment (

Consultation for galleries and advice for collectors is available.
Services include collection management, acquisitions, web presence and special projects;
Advice on web management, transportation and shipping, and preparatory analysis and consultation.
Restoration and Conservation is also offered.

As of now, March 2024, you can contact me for service, as this site is new.
For Services or Purchases of artworks, Contact us today with your inquiries via e-mail (below).

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Mike Smith's Chicago Art Gallery

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